Total Balanced You
offers an all-inclusive program to help you achieve complete balance in your life –
physically, mentally and nutritionally.

Our Services

Physical Wellness

We provide a daily physical fitness plan that is specific to you - your goals, needs, chronic injuries, lifestyle, fitness level and access to equipment.


Personalized exercise plan

Daily check in with App

Weekly 15 minute phone/video check-in

Mental Wellness

We provide mental health and life coaching support to help you understand and work through barriers and road blocks to your success in fitness and nutrition goals.


Weekly mental health exercises

Accountability partner

Check-ins as needed

Nutrition Support

We provide nutritional guidance with recipes and menus specific to your situation and ongoing support through dietary reviews, recommendations, and accountability.


Initial ‘clean eating’ plan

Simplified diet plan

Monthly consultations


Total Balanced You recognizes that overall success and longevity can not be obtained without addressing the mental wellness/coaching component of healthy living. We have combined typical physical and nutritional wellness with mental wellness services providing you one-stop solution. In addition, if you were to hire a counselor, nutritionist, and trainer separately, you would easily spend two or three times more money and would still not have the benefit of an integrated plan. We are convinced that a healthy life must address all three components.

Total Balanced You is not just a fad diet or program that you try for a while, lose a few pounds, and then gain it all back. It is a life changing program where you find yourself eating better, staying active, getting stronger, and feeling better, not just physically, but mentally. I wish I had discovered this years ago!
— Mark G.

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